Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Video Review #4

Hangin with Dad - Part 1

Hangin with Dad - Part 2

Pouring Activity

Handholding Activity

Aaron's Notes - 8/29

For the past 3 mornings, I've been trying to get Henry to eat cereal with me - like we've done in the past chanting "scoop, ahhh-ummmm" but he doesn't seem to want to go along with me. Either he doesn't want me interfering with his food consumption or I'm going at it all wrong and I think its the latter. I know were not working specifically on coregulation at the moment but what can I do to make this go a little better?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Aaron's Notes - 8/26

Lets see... thursday and friday we taped on objective 4. That went okay, I guess we'll see it come video review time.

Saturday, we I don't recall doing any formal activities with Henry. We did throw the football a little which he usually hates doing, actually any back and forth, so that was pretty cool.

Today (sunday) we did a couple formal activities and some ran around town a bit. The first activity we did which was kinda cool was ripping off he wall paper in the hall bathroom. I was asking T if she could think of any activities I could do with Henry and she suggested that since it was something I wanted to get done today. Anyway, the wallpaper was really old and coming off the wall on the edges. I showed Henry that he could rip it off the wall and he continued to do so. Then we stuffed it in a trash bag. We would trade off holding the bag while the other would stuff the paper in. We followed this pattern until most of the paper was off the well. Later, we emptied the dishwasher. While he was looking at books throughout the day, I tried to spend some time by his side, not disrupting him but just showing him that I was there. I guess I did poke and tickle him here and there - can't help it. Later in the day, we went to the pet store and home depot. Even though he said he didn't want to go (but I drug him out anyway) he enjoyed the pet store and had no qualms running to home depot. I guess he's used to it by now.

The thing I'm taking from activity 4 is that in whatever we do, I make sure to keep things positive and make it known to Henry that he's doing a good job whether it's by complimenting him, smiling, or focusing on what he's doing right as opposed to what he's doing wrong.

a discouraging weekend

oh well...i guess we all have 'em, but this weekend was a hard one with Henry. Not that he was doing anything other than normal, but it's just getting so frustrating watching him spend every free second of his time either stimming out on books or asking to use the computer - anything to avoid interaction with us. especially now that we understand what a form of "escape" it is and how he is doing these things to feel "ok" - why can't he feel ok with us??

in terms of activities, this weekend wasn't so bad. Sat. morning i took Henry to get some paint for the bathroom renovation. i thought he would like to see how they blend the colors and mix the can...unfortunately it wasn't as visible as i'd hoped it'd be. however, we did use the outing for a lot of RDI-like activities - experience sharing, he helped me carry the paint can (we did it together) etc. And I involved him in all the regular weekend activities like laundry and dishes etc. We even played in the pool a bit outside in the front yard and did a game with pouring.

however, i just get so frustrated sometimes. it seems like we're working so hard with him and just making these baby steps. at times, aaron and i just want to box up all his books and unplug the computer and eliminate all his ability to stim and avoid us. but i know that's not only cruel b/c he needs these things to feel ok (for now) but also, he would probably just find some other more inappropriate thing to get lost in. every time i go down this track i feel bad, b/c as hard as it is for us, it's probably about 10x harder for Henry. i mean, it took the poor kid about 15 minutes to try to tell me he wanted to go to the library on friday...and he was so happy when i finally understood him - it literally made his day.

so, sunday i spent most of the day painting, which i couldn't really involve Henry in, so Aaron took the lead for most of the day. we did a few small things together, like walk down to grandmas and drive to aunt shanons together - but not much for formal activities, i was just not into it. anyway, i'm sure tomorrow will bring a new day and a better attitude....and i hope that soon we will see those changes in Henry that will help us (and him) stay motivated to work hard and know that we are doing the right thing here.