Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The First Webinar

Hi Missy - just wanted to let you know we were able to sign on to Gutstein's webinar last night, and i even asked a question! they were definitely still working out the kinks of the system, but i think it should be a good resource for parent training in the future. Dr. G provided us all with an "abridged" version of all the parent goals, so i was able to look through them a bit (not completely though)...i guess we have a long way to go still in our training...let alone Henry's.

In other news, had a nice evening with Henry tonight. For our lab time, we did an activity around the laundry...something really simple and short.....where he helps me put the wash in the washing machine, and we pour the detergent together - he holds the cup, i pour in the cup, and then he pours in the machine...and then he helps me put the clothes in - i hand him the clothes and he dumps em in. he seems to really like this, but i'm going to have to get creative with inserting productive uncertainty.

also, we all had a dance 1/2 hour before bed tonight, where we play music and jump and dance on the bed, hank and rose. it's really fun and henry even made a request for a song he likes. i haven't really incorporated any RDI into that activity yet, but i bet i could - maybe Obj 3...i didn't even think of it! ok, signing off for now.

Aaron's Notes - 8/22

Henry and I worked on objective 4 this morning. I think I got it. We hung out for maybe 4-5 minutes in the activity room. We started out on chairs. Henry immediately pointed out something he wanted on the shelf (i think it was one of his cds) and I just shook my head 'no' and did my best to keep smiling. He eventually gave up on asking and got up and laid down on the bean bags. I followed him over and laid down. He played with my fingers for a little while, but not wanting him to use me as a tool, I would put his hand back toward him, doing my best to maintain a smile. Later, he went to pinch me and said 'don't pinch' and I nodded and place his hands back to him. I think he was trying to connect with me with the pinching - because that's something he knows I'm familiar with him doing. Otherwise, he didn't really make any other eye contact but he knew I was there. After about 5 minutes, I got up and he followed me out. I'll try again tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Videos for phone consult

Hangin Out

Baking Brownies

Monday, August 20, 2007

Aaron's Notes - 8/20

On Sunday we had some time together and I tried objective 4 again. We were on the couch, the tv was off and Henry pretty much just wallowed me to death - rolling around on me, playing with my face, but I put no demands on him. At one point, I played dead for a long time. He continued to roll around on me for the first couple minutes but eventually he grabbed my face then tried to open my eyes with his fingers. I took this as a positive. At least he noticed and, as far as I could tell, wanted me to be alive around him.