Sunday, July 15, 2007

Two Weeks Vacation and RDI

Well, I've been feeling like a complete slacker for not writing on our blog, especially after i said i would during vacation. Tonight we just got home from two weeks of lots of traveling, seeing family, time at the beach and pool, and ending with Aaron and I having a weekend away to ourselves, sans kiddies, which was nice :) Although we didn't do many formal RDI activities with Henry while we were gone, we did try to stay mindful of several things following our home visit and it was also a great chance to educate the rest of the family on the meaning of an "RDI lifestyle". For example, some days we would pick a certain objective for the day, like: "We won't ask any questions to Henry today" or "Today our goal is to only use basic sentences with Henry." We even did a few giver/putter activities and lots of joint walking. For this, we were rewarded with a few great comments from Henry, like "It's windy" while we were walking on the beach...but overall it was a bit stressful for the poor kid, since we didn't have a set schedule and were traveling and sleeping in multiple places. We had a few meltdowns, no surprise. Anyway, now we will be returning to work and the old routine and recommitting ourselves to our RDI parent objectives. Bring on the framing worksheets! I promise to write more.